Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010

Korean Festival

Saksikan dan ikutilah kolaborasi Budaya Indonesia dan Korea dalam Korean Festival
yang menampilkan berbagai macam pameran, pertunjukan dan perlombaan menarik untuk umum
Acaranya digelar pada 17-18 Juli 2010 di Hotel Salak The Heritage Bogor mulai jam 10.00 - jam 17.00
Acaranya meliputi Bazaar, Foto dengan mengenakan Habok, Competion dan performance
Untuk Info Selengkapnya dapat menghubungi:
Rika (087770313013)
Shanti (08129443636)

Acara ini dipersembahkan oleh:
Bogor Hotel Institute
Jl. Ir.H.Juanda No.8 Bogor 16121
Ph: 0251-8350333
Fax: 0251-8350777

Marketing and Promotion Seminar

Call for Papers
Training and Research Center of Bogor Hotel Institute (TRC-BHI) has
highlighted the successes and challenges of marketing in Indonesia since
last year in 2009, with national-level seminar with the theme "Beyond
Marketing Seminar in 2010 ', an important forum to facilitate exchange
of knowledge and ideas through the interaction between scientists,
experts in the field of marketing, government officials, academics,
authors of books on marketing and other professionals. Contributions
from service companies, hotels, universities and research institutes
have achieved good results in the broad field of marketing.
Annual seminar on marketing will be held at Hotel Salak The Heritage
Bogor on October 28, 2010. The Technical Program Committee is issuing
this formal Call for Papers for a potential poster paper and suitable
for the technical program seminar

Technical Program Committee is committed to providing a strong program
of papers and posters to help ensure that the seminar on marketing
remains an on going event, and will be attended by a prestigious
circles. We seek your assistance and commitment to encourage your staff
to contribute to this program by preparing papers, and posters.The
deadline for submission of abstracts is June 30, 2010. Although a short
time, we remind prospective authors that the committee evaluates the
abstract to determine whether the topic would be informative and
interesting to our audience. Refinement and approval of the company can
be completed during the preparation of the full manuscript as well as
during the editing process that occurred after the paper received.

Abstracts will be judged on technical services, originality and interest
to the audience. We are targeting approximately 90 papers (65 oral
presentations, 25 posters) of all the aspects related to marketing.

Papers to be presented orally will be expected to provide a full written
paper for publication in the proceedings volume. Authors of posters can
choose to provide either a full paper or extended abstract for
publication in the Proceedings volume.

Your support is very important to the success of the seminar field of
marketing. Please take an active role by ensuring the widest possible
exposure of this Call for Papers within your company and also
encourage and support people in your organization to participate in this

The Technical Sessions include:
Concept, strategy and marketing development

-   The basic concept of marketing.

- Marketing strategies towards sustainable competitive advantage.

- Marketing strategies with product quality control.

- Factors affecting the marketing strategy.

- Development of marketing
Marketing activities in the business world
- Planning marketing expense budgets to achieve sales effectiveness.

- The role of marketing in companies at this time.

- Analysis of marketing expenses to help determine the benefits.

- Efforts to increase the income

Marketing in global competition
- Anticipate changes in an increasingly diverse market

- The attitude of looking at the profitable opportunities.

- Responding to market segments.

Marketing management

- The role of leaders in companies.

- Management of cost control.

- The role of marketing within the company.

Marketing and Sales

-  The difference between marketing and sales.

- Integration with sales marketing.

- The balance between marketing and sales .

Marketing and Business

- Ways to increase sales.

-   Creating an attractive offer that can be trusted.

- Creating multiple income


Abstract submission deadline                :    30 June           2010

Successful authors notified                    :    24 July           2010

Deadline for draft manuscript                :    27 August      2010

Deadline for final edited versions          :    24 September 2010

*Oral Papers* – Papers presented orally will be published in the
proceedings Volume. Authors of papers presented orally are except to
provide full papers which are typically 5,000 words or 15 page of text,
tables and figures. Materials used during the oral presentation will not
be published unless they form part of the written paper.

*Posters – *Authors of poster (only) may choose extended abstract or
full paper format for publication in the proceeding Volume. Extended
abstracts are typically 1,000 word or 4 to 6 pages of text and figures.
The posters will also be published as .pdf files on the CD-ROM copy.

For further details, contact Technical Program Secretariat (e-mail: ; sofarudin@bhi,ac,id : 

*Registration Fee :*   1. Participant    :   Rp  1.000.000,-

* *2.  Audience     :   Rp  1.500.000,-


Abstracts will be evaluated on technical merit, originality and interest
to the audience. After the paper is accepted, refinement and approvals
can be completed while preparing and editing the full manuscript.

Abstracts can be submitted to the following address:

*Marketing Seminar Committee - Call For Papers*

*Training and Research Center - Bogor Hotel Institute (TRC-BHI)*

With the address: Hotel Salak The Heritage Bogor

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No.8 Bogor 16121

West Java Indonesia

Telephone: +62(0251)8350-333 Facsimile: +62(0251) 8350-777

E-mail:   ;

* *

*Please complete the Marketing Seminar Call for Papers Technical Paper
abstract Form. *

For more information or to obtain the abstract form, email to                or call the number above.

*Included in the abstract from are:*

1) Title of Paper

2) Author Names, Affiliation, Addresses, Phone number, Fax, E-mail contact

3) Designate which Author will present the paper (presenter’s name)

4) Indicate preference for(a) oral, (b) Poster Presentation, (c) Either

5) Indicate if this paper was previously presented or published; if so,
when, where, and by whom?

6) The Abstract should encourage the committee to select your paper. It
should point out ways that the reader can use your conclusions. The
abstract should:   (a) state the scope and principle objectives, (b)
method utilized, (c) summarized the result, (d) state the principal
conclusions, and (e) Keywords.

7) Note: Written paragraph style abstracts are optional, should be
maximum 300 words in length and should be able to stand alone as a short
version of the paper.

*TRC-BHI Marketing Seminar Abstract Selection Form Technical Paper

Please complete and submit this form (can be used as a template for your
abstract). Abstract style of writing paragraphs are optional, must be
300 (maximum) words long and should be independently shortened version
of paper. Should not only be a description of paper or a list of topics
covered. This should encourage the committee to select your paper and
will demonstrate the ways that readers can use your conclusions. For
more information contact the TRC-BHI on +62(0251) 8350-333, Fax:
+62(0251) 8350-777, mobile : 081380773146 (Sofar).

Abstract Title




Name and Company or Affiliation



Preferences for Presentation


a) Oral

b) Poster

c) Either

Primary Contact











Mobile phone:


Previously Submitted or







Forum Convention, etc









Result Summary







Jumat, 18 Juni 2010

SBTH Medina Pajajaran

Kami dari Medina Hotel Bogor mau memperkenalkan hotel kami untuk acara meeting perusahaan Anda.
Medina Hotel adalah hotel boutique binaan Hotel Salak the Heritage Management, cocok untuk corporate meeting & leisure, lokasi strategis, hanya 5 menit dari gerbang tol Bogor (Jagorawi).

Beberapa kelebihan kami diantaranya :
1. Melayani dengan prosedur yang detail, dijalankan dan dimonitor secara konsisten
2. Berlokasi tepat ditengah wilayah bisnis & wisata Kota Bogor, sejuk, bebas polusi, dan jauh dari kebisingan
3. Menggunakan sumber mata air pegunungan yang alami, jernih,dan menyegarkan
4. Pelayanan secara personal, ramah, hangat dan profesional

Fasilitas :
* 20 kamar, dengan tipe : Standard,Deluxe & Suite
* Fasilitas kamar : room amenities, TV, Sofa, meja rias, lemari, Air Conditioner, private bathroom dengan air panas & dingin
* 3 ruang meeting dengan kapasitas 15-70 orang
* Inner Garden & Water Fountain
* Swimming pool & Playground
* Indoor & Terace Restaurant
* Lobby & Sitting Area
* Parking Area
* Free Laundry
* Free Infocus
* Free car wash

Reservasi :
SBTH Medina Hotel :
phone : 0251-8321814
fax : 0251-8321814
email :

Hormat Kami,

Agus Supirman

Triple Combo Special Promo

Dalam rangka kegiatan rapat-rapat di kantor, kami ingin memperkenalkan Snack Box Triple Combo yang kami yakini sangat pas dan baik untuk konsumsi acara rapat tersebut.
Snack Box Triple Combo kami dibuat dengan pengawasan dan supervisi kualitas yang ketat dan diuji tiap hari oleh
Manajemen Hotel Salak The Heritage ( dan Bogor Hotel Institute (

Kombinasi konsumsi Snack Box Triple Combo adalah:
1. Triple Combo Classic Klappertaart, Macaroni Schotel dan Spekkoek (Lapis Surabaya)
2. Triple Combo Original : Klappertaart, Macaroni Schotel dan Pastel Tutup.

Disamping kombinasi tersebut, kami juga menyediakan puluhan jenis kueh snack box yang semuanya sangat berkualitas sesuai dengan selera dan suasana.
Jenis-jenis kuehnya ada yang manis dan ada yang gurih, penjelasan dan gambarnya dapat dilihat di web kami

Walaupun kualitasnya hotel berbintang tetapi harganya sangat ekonomis dengan harga per item dimulai dari Rp. 3000 per piece dengan
bebas biaya pengiriman untuk wilayah Jabodetabek.

Mohon agar email ini diforward ke staf yang mengurusi konsumsi atau ke teman, partner dan saudara yang akan mengadakan rapat atau gathering.

Semua produk dan proses pembuatan dapat dilihat di Main Kitchen kami di
Klappertaart Huize
Jl, Pangrango nomor No. 8

Sebagai referensi, Proses pembuatan dan kualitas produk kami Corporate Snack Box Triple Combo, telah mendapatkan :
1. Sertifikat Halal dari MUI
2. Serifikat Kesehatan dari Depkes.

Clients kami saat ini yang besar adalah BUMN,oil & gas companies, dan hotel-hotel berbintang.

Pemesanan atau keterangan lebih lanjut bisa menghubungi kami, Bapak Usman untuk dipersiapkan pengirimannya.
HP GSM: 08561020172
Flexi: 02517107290
Sekian dan kami mengucapkan banyak terima kasih atas perhatiannya.

Hormat kami,

Manager Marketing
Corporate Snack Box Triple Combo

Kamis, 17 Juni 2010

Weekend Special Hanya Rp.585.000/net/kamar/malam

Bogor adalah pilihan yang tepat bagi Anda yang ingin melepas lelah bersama keluarga yang terletak tak jauh dari Ibukota.
Maka dari itu, kami Hotel Salak The Heritage Bogor, satu-satunya Hotel Bintang 4 di kota Bogor
mengundang anda dan keluarga untuk menikmati kota Bogor sesungguhnya langsung dari Jantung Kota Bogor.

***Hanya dengan Rp. 585.000,- net/night/room*** termasuk makan pagi untuk 2 orang,

Mengapa Hotel Salak The Heritage? Karena hanya Hotel Salak The Heritage
berada tepat di tengah pusat kota Bogor, berhadapan langsung dengan
Istana Bogor, anda pun bisa ajak si kecil untuk mendekati
Istana Bogor karena didalamnya terdapat ratusan bahkan ribuan rusa jinak
yang tentunya bisa anda perkenalkan fauna yang satu ini untuk menambah
pengetahuan si kecil. Dari Hotel Salak The Heritage pula anda bisa
menikmati indahnya Kebun Raya Bogor, hanya dengan berjalan kaki ke
loket utamanya, dan hanya di Hotel Salak the Heritage anda bisa
menikmati keindahan Gunung Salak dari jarak yang sangat dekat.
Segala keistimewaan tersebut belum seberapa jika anda belum
datang dan merasakannya sendiri kenyamanan berada di Hotel Salak The

Kami juga menyelenggarakanacara dan games seru di area swimming pool khusus untuk Anda dan keluarga.
Dapatkan Door Prizes & Voucher menarik dari kami.

***Dapatkan Juga Discount 10 % untuk tiket masuk The Jungle Bogor***

Kami menunggu kedatangan anda serta keluarga untuk merasakan sensasi
berbeda ketika berlibur dan beristirahat hanya di Hotel Salak The
Jln. Ir . H Juanda no 8 Bogor, Telp. 0251-8373111

Hormat Kami,

Renate Tanessia

Fun Edu Happy Holiday

Kami dari Hotel Salak The Heritage mau menginformasikan Paket Liburan Hotel kami yang Kami namakan FUN EDU HAPPY HOLIDAY Package Periode 11-13,18-20,25-27 Juni 2010 dan 2-4,9-11 Juli 2010.
Paket menginap dengan berbagai kenyamanan dan kesenangan melalui berbagai permainan untuk Anda dan keluarga, seperti :

Kids Party :
12 Juni : Hide and Seek
13 Juni : Kids Good Manners
19 Juni : Milky Fun Time
20 Juni : Story Telling
26 Juni : Yummy Noodle
27 Juni : Treasure Hunt
3 Juli : Gift For My Daddy
4 Juli : Pool Fiesta
10 Juli : Tutii Fruity Fiesta
11 Juli ; Family Fun Outbound

* SPECIAL DOOR PRIZE : Voucher Hotel Salak The Heritage Room.

Manfaat dan keuntungan lain yang akan Bapak/Ibu dapatkan diantaranya :
* HEMAT SAMPAI 35% untuk akomodasi kamar
* SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT dari THE JUNGLE, Kanari Cafe & Rafflesia Lounge
* SPECIAL FUN EDU PUNCH untuk 2 orang
* Akomodasi dan Special Breakfast, untuk 2 orang dan 2 anak umur dibawah 6 tahun
* SPECIAL 15% DISCOUNT dari Bellevue Barber Shop, Bellevue Wellness Salon & Spa, dan Dr.Liza Herbal Shop.
* FREE LAUNDRY untuk 4 pcs/room/night (terms & conditions applied)

Segera Reservasi ke : Marketing Hotel Salak the Heritage, Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 8 Bogor, 16121
Phone : 0251-8373111 ext 6006 (Renate)
Fax : 0251-8374111
email :

Hormat Kami,

Ade Sudrajat
S&M Manager